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$20,000 in debt, 8 hours a night, 5 nights a week, 52 weeks a year in a job I hated. 2 years later I became an author, speaker, and coach and retired my wife at 30.

I used to be a young depressed man working a job I hated, in a field I didnt want to be in, with $20,000 in Student Loan debt for a degree I didn't need. 

2 years later:

I paid off $13,000 in Debt
I paid cash for a wedding to the woman of my dreams
I launched a coaching practice Live To Give and acquired my first client for $1200
I authored 2 best selling books on Amazon
I gave the inaugural TEDx talk at SVSU my own Alumni
I have been featured in The Good Men Project, Addicted to Success, Man in The Middle, and many more.
I have spoken at Teen Challenge, The Good Samaratin Rescue Mission, and Power of Dad to name a few. 

But it wasn't always this way. 7 years after I lost my father to a battle with prescription pills, I found myself sitting on the couch of a lonely dark room, addicted to the misery of a job I thought I couldn't lose. One I thought I had because it was all I was worth. 

"This book hits straight to the heart of the matter. Every man has a dream and that dream is possible. Whether your dream is tied to your occupation or your family, Jason shares valuable, hope filled principles that will help you believe your dreams are possible too."
Brian Pruitt, Founder of Power of Dad

We all make choices in our lives both big and small that lead us to places where at times we must fall. The one way to get up is to get back on our feet and understand the life lesson that was right under our seat. I understand all of you are here today because of life choices that you made with information you had at the time. We can only know that which we know. It may have been a day that altered your life direction forever. Good or bad is how you frame the outcome and the lessons learned from your experience. I am here to provide you with an opportunity to choose today to create another day that will shift your direction.

I left on a Wednesday. The papers were signed and the day would soon be here. I was going to lose my family. Mom and Dad were getting a divorce and we were on our way to Grandma’s. I was 17. I packed up my car and I was the last one to leave that day. I will always remember watching dad stand on the porch with tears in his eyes looking at his oldest son and he only had one question. “Promise you will come see me Jason?” Dad asked.

Before I drove away, I made a choice, I looked at my father with a smile on my face as I held back the tears not to let him see his boy crying. I said to him, “Of course dad. I promise I’ll come back and see you.”

After that all was left were the taillights in his vision and the man who raised me for 17 years left behind, alone on the porch, crying as he waved goodbye. Little did I know those would be the last words I ever spoke to my father. 

There is still time for YOU to become the father your father couldn't be

What if there was a proven system you could follow to regain your confidence and courage and change the entire direction of your life?

"Growing up without a father in my life, it was hard to know what was expected of me as a man, a leader, and eventually a father. I had some idea of the person I wanted to become. I had to first learn that it is OK to believe in myself. Being confident does not mean thinking you are better than anyone else, but it does mean being better than your self doubt. Jason Pockrandts’ Confident Fathers Guidebook, helped me further gain the confidence I needed to get back on my feet and find a job to support my family, and opened my eyes to knowing I can do much more than I believed to be possible."
Marcus Lee, Graphic Designer at marcusleedesigns.com

In the Confident Father's Guidebook and audio training you will learn the following steps I took to become the husband and father I am today. To have been able to push past all the hurt and the pain of my trauma. To choose a different life. A new way to honor my father and to honor my name. 

Learn the Five Questions every man must ask himself. Do I really need to struggle the way my parents did or still do? Am I worthy of anything more than what I have been given? Can I really make the changes in my life I desire? How can I ever move past the negative voices in my life, in my own head? Am I forever doomed to this life of misery as another Cog in the machine?

Here lies the key to your future begin your journey to answer these 5 questions. A journey of personal transformation that will lead you to the life I live your deserve, the life you desire most as a Husband and Father.

There are only two days that matter most in the life of a man. 1. The day he loses his father. 2. The day he becomes a father. The third, if you will, is the day he blends life lessons of those two and becomes: The Confident Father. This book is the roadmap to finding your own path to reaching that level in life if day number three has yet to come upon you. That is my gift to you. 

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