Coaching Services

Are you ready for the transformation but hesitant to commit for three months of investment into yourself?

Grab your spot on the Time to Transform Strategy session

60 minute Success Strategy Session (Value $199)
Free HD Download of Freedom Vs. Security Poster (Value $10)
Free Confident Fathers Guidebook: Five Steps to Personal Transformation (Value $20)
Email Access for one week (Value $600)

You will receive all of this for only $97. Let’s do this and get you on the right track toward creativity.

Transformation Guarantee:

Coaching is a lengthy process and thus I recommend in my professional opinion a minimum three-month commitment to the coaching agreement. This will ensure a level of commitment on the part of the client to create the changes they require and deserve.

All coaching packages are backed by our 100 % Transformation Guarantee. After making a commitment to yourself and putting in the discovery work with your Life Coach, I guarantee you will see positive growth and improvement in the areas coaching covered by creating the balanced and fulfilled lifestyle you desired.

Hear what others are saying about coaching with Jason:

“I started working with Jason when I had essentially hit a point where I was existing, not living. I punched into my part-time job, and told myself “I will paint when I get time.” I never seemed to get time, and it had been a long time since I had felt like I had really been myself. I met Jason through my dad, and after we spoke over the phone we set up an introduction coaching session. Not knowing what to expect, I kept an open mind. By the end of the first session together, I had finally stopped and corrected the course of my life, to a place I was excited about going, I was hooked. Through his continued coaching, I have been able to reawaken the fervor for life and creativity I used to possess. My art has finally been moved to the center stage, I am painting more than ever, and am honoring the values I live by. Day by day, through intentionally focused action I am seeing more and more of the confidant, fulfilled man of my youth. Jason’s coaching has kept me honest and focused, every step is purposeful and intentional moving me towards a very exciting future.”
– Adam Wernecke
“Jason has the innate ability to ask just the right questions at just the right time to help you move through a self-limiting belief. His suggestions of skills and tools help you get to the core of your truth. He will hold you accountable with kindness and compassion. He truly wants you to succeed in life, to find the best way to live your life fully and follow your heart to achieve dreams.”
-Carrie Nichols
“You have to be willing to do the work first, it’s scary, things will surface, your EGO/Saboteur will fight you all the way….but we have to remember that “WE” are worth it. There is a voice behind the Ego/Saboteur that will guide you to the places you are meant to BE. This group can help you to listen to that voice that wants abundance, love, joy, and peace for you. Accountability is the threshold that will open doors you never knew existed. Jason will support, guide, and challenge you, but also be that accountability factor that moves you in your desired direction.”
-Carrie Gawn Nichols
Thank you for making this world a better place! Go ahead! Your kind has to be heard!
“He is a genius of his field! Professional!
After the first session, I switched the focus of my attention to a productive self-realization and life goals setting. Every change in our personality leads to a chain reaction in all areas of life. I started attracting new events and better surroundings. I watch my changes and feel like a diamond that shines brighter and brighter. Thank you, Jason, for your contribution to my development and growth. Changing one life you changed the world.”
-Elena Solokhina
“Jason is extremely passionate about the work he does, and I believe he truly wants to help other creatives find their passion too. He will give you tough love, but it’s to help you find the motivation to stop making excuses and start making progress. He won’t give you all the answers you might think you need, but he will guide you to finding them yourself. If you’re looking for positive change in your life, give Jason a call, and find out for yourself if he’s the right fit for you.”
-Julie Luce Photographer & Graphic Designer
“Jason is a very passionate coach, with a unique niche of helping creatives find different approaches for narrowing, and then reaching their target audiences.  He doesn’t hand you all the answers, but he gives you the tough love necessary for taking the right steps to finding the answers that are beneficial to you.  He isn’t just a support system though, he challenges you; which is something I found to be very helpful, because finding your direction, and directly confronting your insecurities is the first step in beginning a small business.”
-Lisa Luce Photographer & Graphic Designer