Home for Fathers from a Father without a Father.

Together we work to guide you  on your journey to rediscover who and what matters most.

I am all about connections. Connections with the people that matter most and creating relationships that inspire each other to keep moving forward Living a Legacy worth leaving. This is the place where I share all my insight as a husband and soon to be father who knows what life can be like without the role of a father. I am here now to become the husband and father God created me to be.

If you’re here that means you are open and honest. You are vulnerable. You are no longer comfortable being comfortable with mediocrity. You are ready to find your personal greatness. You are ready to take the first step into faith and create the life that you desire most. You are ready to claim Freedom. You are ready to choose your perspective. Do you need faith, love family, and crave freedom?

You’re in the right place. We are going to dig deeper into you, create meaningful relationships and transition into a life of Freedom one step at a time.

We all deserve the ability to spend our precious time on this earth doing what we were created to do. That is to live a life of fulfillment.

“Time is the one thing that we can never get back so be wise when you make the choice to spend it. Spend wisely.”

Too often in life we sit back and watch people struggle. They struggle  financially working minimum wage jobs until they go to college. Next  they struggle to get a degree and find time for school waiting for the moment called graduation. What’s next? For most it’s the love of their life and marriage. Cue the next struggle.

No time for each other, no time for themselves, often by the age of 30  the majority of Americans have gotten married, graduated with a ton of student loans, lost the connection with their spouse, taken a job they hate, given up on their spiritual walk, and given all of their time away to work. The connections with Faith, Family, and most importantly Freedom have been sweltered. Never to be dreamed possible again. Until…

They begin asking deeper questions.

“Life probing questions are the only ones worth asking.” 

They find me, they find themselves, and they begin re-connecting to the people and feelings that matter most. They become who they were meant to be faster than they could on their own.

At Live To Give we explore what life looks like when you are fulfilled each and every day. When the vision you walk is bigger than you ever dreamed. We learn what it means to matter.We learn what happiness is. We learn how to connect with one another and how to bring Freedom into our lives one day at a time.

So how do you find more of your faith, family, and freedom? If you are ready to be the father that you were meant to be, stay connected and learn as we travel our journeys together.

Who is Jason?

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I am the guy that motivates and makes you take the action. I guide you to take the first step and transition into the life that you were meant to live. It is not about getting you rich or building an online businesss. It’s about building relationships, digging deeper and stepping into who you were meant to be. Creating your true self.
The question is not about what we do it is ultimately about who we are. I am here to help you answer the question of Who Am I? By stating loud and boldy. I Am Who I AM.

Jason Pockrandt is one of life’s greatest transformations.

I am a Speaker and Life Coach who connects millennial fathers to their true selves by rediscovering who and what matters most. I am the author of Tear Your Box Apart. A Manifesto on Freedom. My first book Living and Giving- Despair to Desires is set to be released in the Fall of 2015. My passion in life is to dig deeper into you, create meaningful relationships and help you transition into a life of Freedom one step at a time. You can subscribe to the Connections Show on iTunes. You can also connect with me on Twitter.

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Our creed in this place is as follows: We vow to live in the present, let go of the past, and envision the future.