I’LL Take your life to the next level: More of what you want in life less of what you don't 

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Overcome the fear of failure and move into your passions and purpose. One small step at a time. 



"My art has finally moved to the center stage, I am painting more than ever, and am honoring the values I live by. DAy by day, through intentional focused action I am seeing more and more of the confident, fullfilled man of my youth. Jason's coaching has kept me honest and focused, every step is purposeful and intentional moving me towards a very exciting future." 

Adam Wernecke
Artist at  adamwerneckeart.com

“He is a genius of his field! Professional! After the first session I switched the focus of my attention to a prductive self-realization and life goals setting. Every change in our personality leads to a chain reaction in all areas of life. I started attracting new events and better surroundings. I watch my changes and feel like a diaomond that shines brighter and brighter. THank You Jason for your contribution into my development and growth. Changing one life you changed the the world." 


Elena Solokhina
Reiki Instructor

"Jason is extremely passionate about the work he does, and he truly wants to help other creatives find their passion too. He will give you tough love, but it's to help you find the motivation to stop making excuses, and start making progress. He won't give you the answers you might think you need, but he will guide you to finding them for yourself. If your looking for positvie change in your life, give Jason a call, and find out for yourself if he's the right fit for you." 

Julie Luce 
Photographer and Graphic Designer 

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